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London Art Gallery Launches Cryptocurrency Art Exhibition

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The House of Fine Art in Mayfair, London, has launched the first-ever cryptocurrency art exhibition and sale. This bold step will make it possible the use of cryptocurrency to purchase art pieces. The offer to buy art with crypto is available right across all of their collection, which the owners believe will help to revolutionize the selling and buying of art not just in their business, but in the whole industry.

“At the moment, digital currencies are becoming commonplace among a wide array of savvy consumers, providing a seamless, and cost-effective method to exchange value globally,” Elio D’Anna, the founder of HOFA, said. 

The cryptocurrency art exhibition at HOFA is not a cheap affair — the prices star from GBP 4,000. The exhibition guests can purchase some exquisite works from the French sculpture, Richard Orlinski, or some fascinating pieces from the American neo-expressionist painter, Hunt Slonem. If you have GBP 250,000 of bitcoin handy, you can purchase pieces by the popular Italian sculptor, Stefano Bombardieri.


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It isn’t the first art event where high-end art pieces are available to buy with crypto. Earlier this year, an online crypto art sale auctioned off a GBP 4.2 million Andy Warhol artwork called ’14 Small Electric Chairs’. There was also a case in 2017 where another Mayfair art gallery, the Dadiani art gallery, began accepting crypto as payment for buying certain art pieces, but the move by the House of Fine Art to offer all their collection in a cryptocurrency art exhibition is quite unique.

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