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Eminem Mentions Bitcoin in Lates Song ‘Not Alike’

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Marshall Bruce Mathers III, known as Eminem, has mentioned Bitcoin in his song ‘Not Alike’ feat Royce Da 59 from the new album ‘Kamikaze’. The part about bitcoin is rapped by Royce Da 59: ’Remember everybody used to bite Nickel; Now everybody doin’ Bitcoin’.

Slowly and methodically, cryptocurrencies are becoming a part of popular culture. And the more popular cryptocurrency becomes, the more widespread adoption it will have.

Eminem is not the only rapper who swelled the ranks of crypto funs. Recently, Snoop Dogg, another well-known rapper in the music industry showed his support towards cryptocurrencies. He performed at the New York Blockchain Week, specifically for the XRP community. Ripple had sponsored the event and invited Snoop Dogg to perform in order to spread awareness of XRP.

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As a reminder, the filming of crypto-inspired thriller Crypto, starring Kurt Russell, started in Hollywood this month. The cryptocurrency movie will not be released until sometime in 2019, even though it is currently in post-production.

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