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Giant Bitcoin Rat Comes Back to Washington Streets

Bitcoin Rat 864x467 - Giant Bitcoin Rat Comes Back to Washington Streets

Former hedge fund manager Nelson Saiers who uses a giant, inflatable rat covered in crypto code for making a statement in the ever-changing economy, has found someone who is worthy of a performance piece – Alan Greenspan. Saiers has installed the bitcoin rat in few blocks away from the Eccles Building — the headquarters for the U.S. Federal Reserve.

According to Saiers, the statement he is trying to make to Greenspan is an assignment of blame for possibly, albeit accidentally, bringing the public directly into the 2008 financial crisis. On the rat, there will be a Halloween mask that features Greenspan’s face, accompanied by a speech balloon near its mouth, saying, “I made a mistake.”

“Given … we were in the midst of the biggest financial crisis in 70 years it was a bit late for the guy who led the Fed … to come to this realization,” Saiers commented. 

Last month, Nelson Saiers installed the Bitcoin rat right on Wall Street to point a finger at companies for mistreating employees. 

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Saiers has more plans to bring forth his protest art. Once the DC display is over, he plans to take the show to London, installing the rat in front of The Bank of England. The bank is on his mind after Satoshi Nakamoto “called out” the institution in the genesis block of cryptocurrency.

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