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Lite.IM Adds Bitcoin to Facebook, Telegram, and SMS

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Lite.IM, a crypto wallet that allows users to make transactions via Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or SMS, has added support for Bitcoin. The chat bot currently supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and its own native currency, ZTX. 

Lite.IM’s service was first made available through Telegram, along with old-fashioned text messages.  A presence on Facebook Messenger is the latest milestone for the chat bot.

“Support for text messages means that anyone with even the most basic mobile phone can manage their crypto, with or without access the internet,” Zulu Republic, the company behind the Lite.IM project, said. 

Zulu Republic’s team says that, instead of creating brand new services, greater reach and momentum can be achieved by offering compatibility with the services that people already use on a daily basis. 

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The launch on Facebook Messenger means that Lite.IM is more ahead of the curve on crypto payments than Facebook is. Toward the end of last month, it was reported on rumors that the Facebook Inc. is developing a stablecoin, an altcoin pegged to the U.S. dollar, which can be used for money transfers in Facebook-owned WhatsApp messaging app. 

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